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Surf Bums Club


OG Surf Bums

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Secret Surf Bums

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A limited NFT collection that acts as a membership to access the Surf Bums Club, a surf shack community for digital nomads. 

This PFP NFT gives you access to all benefits mentioned below. 


Owning a Surf Bums NFT gives you access to multiple experiences including:

  • Receive 5 airdrops for a total of 15 nights for OG bums and a 1 time airdrop for 3 nights for Secret bums in the Casa Akaw - La Saladita "Malibu" unit starting 2023 until 2027. Aleatory night stays may be airdropped afterwards

  • Night Stays NFTs are accumulative and can be sold in many NFT marketplaces

  • Get a 10% discount for OGs and 5% discount for secret bums staying in Casa Akaw - La Saladita "Malibu" unit or other "Surf Bums" verified unit

  • Get invited to exclusive surf trips with the Surf Bums community

  • Free use of 2 surfboards when you stay in the "Malibu" unit

  • Ongoing airdrops and more to come




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Playa La Saladita, Guerrero, México

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How does it work?

How does it work

When you buy a Surf Bum you become a member of the Surf Bums Club, this membership gives you many benefits. With the acquisition, you are also pre-purchasing 15 night stays in Casa Akaw - La Saladita inside the "Malibu" unit which you will receive as airdrops though out a time period.

After you receive all your night stays airdrops you will get random airdrops in a yet-to-be-decided schedule. All other benefits provided by holding a Surf Bum are for life. 

You will receive 3 nights per year as an NFT airdrop when you are holding your Surf Bum, this is to not cause saturation.
The nights are accumulative and are redeemable on a first come first serve basis.

This opens up a secondary market to trade your night stays on any NFT marketplace. The nights are redeemable for life with no expiration date.

List Night Stays in NFT Marketplace



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Do I own the property?

No, you are pre-purchasing nights in the property at a discount.
Each NFT will airdrop you a total of 15 nights starting 2022 until 2027. After that, random amounts of nights will be airdropped throughout the existence of Casa Akaw.

Who can buy?

Anyone. There are certain limitations and complexities when foreigners buy property close to the beach in Mexico, that's why we decided to make it a membership. If you wish to purchase an entire unit for yourself you get a Friends & Family discount with your NFT.

What are friends & family benefits?

Friends and Family

If you are a Surf Bum, you are family. That means you will be treated as such. Free welcome drinks. Want to buy a whole unit? Get the friends & family discount. Get early access to future projects.

Do I need to go through KYC?

No, you don't need to go through KYC to purchase a Surf Bum. You can add a layer of security to your NFT by going through KYC with us so that only pre-approved transfers are valid. This is for people that are paranoid of losing their NFT or in case of theft.

Who owns the land?

Mr. @mattunchi and associates have already purchased the land and have the permits to start developing in January 2022.

Where can I learn more about Casa Akaw?

Join our Telegram for any questions:

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  • Twitter
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